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Simply Sales 2 - Sales Management System, Arabic Only

كن أول من يراجع هذا المنتج

EGP 2.500,00

مشاهدة سريعة

"Simply Sales" helps you provide the best service to your customer and simplify payment services and track your accounts. You can also monitor your products and quantities and tracking invoices and Billing it partially or completely. Simply Sales provides many reports to find and manage your purchase information of Stores, and income....
Simply Sales system is easy to install and increased handling, it’s specially designed for monitoring your business systems, integrated management supplier, clients and....

Simply Sales 2 - Sales Management System, Arabic Only



    - Manage Products and product category data.

    - Searching ability using any product information not only its name.

    - Record barcode information and create new barcodes.

    - Ability to print barcode with your organization data.

    - Alerts when product quantity will gone to end.

Customers and vendors

    - Record all information about customers and vendors.

    - Payments and receivable  accounts.

    - Searching ability using any customers and vendors information not only his/her name.


    - Any bill type management (purchase, sales, purchase return and sales return).

    - Record bonus and discount information with value or ratio.

    - Automatic calculation of bill amount.

    - Multiple payment methods (cash or credit).

    - Display current quantity at sales invoice screen.


    - Ability to add your organization details to be used at sales bill.

    - Ability to take backups.

    - Ability to restore backups.

    - Complete management to users and his/her permissions.

Technical Support

    - You can send any suggestions or complaints.

    - You would find a detailed help files and videos.

Product Reports

    - Product information report.

    - Items below the limit demand report.

    - Stock balance report.

Customers Reports

    - Customers account at period report.

    - Customer information report.

    - All customers account report.

Vendors Reports

    - Vendors account at period report.

    - Vendor information report.

    - All vendors account report.

Bills reports

    - Purchase bills report.

    - Purchased products report.

    - Compounded sales and purchase report.

    - All bills information report.

    - Sales bills report.

    - Sold products report.

    - Profit and losses report.

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الاسم Simply Sales 2 - Sales Management System, Arabic Only
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